10 Fun Things That Adults in Quarantine Can Do to Still Enjoy the Holidays

Spending your days in quarantine and isolation can make one feel really lonely. It’ll probably get even worse over the holidays as this is usually the season where families and friends get together to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The lockdown season was just a preview of what’s in store for all of us this December. We already somehow got a taste of it but that doesn’t mean that history should repeat itself. When we were stuck at home during the lockdown season, a lot of folks almost went crazy with boredom. People who were lucky enough to be sent home and allowed to work remotely were spared from being stuck inside the house with nothing else to do.

For this reason, people got in touch with their creative and artistic sides and decided to be productive at home and create something to pass the time. Some people became entrepreneurial and started their own home-based businesses to help tide them over until they get a more stable means of income.

The point is, people found ways to keep themselves occupied and entertained. And this Christmas, you will need to get into that zone once again so you don’t feel too lonely when you’re away from your loved ones.

10 Things Adults Can Do to Enjoy Quarantine This Christmas Season

  1. Watch concerts and musicals.
    Just because events and shows are canceled and postponed doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good live performance. Plenty of live concerts and musicals are available for you to enjoy streaming services.
  2. Go on a digital museum tour.
    For the artsy and cultured people, you can still enjoy a day at the museum via digital tours from different museums around the world.
  3. Get your game on.
    You can go online and get together with your pals for some fun games on your console or gaming PC build. Just make sure you don’t turn into a video game junkie and neglect your other responsibilities.
  4. Get together with some friends online and have a Netflix party. 
    Set a time where you and your friends can all watch Netflix at the same time and talk to each other in real-time just like you’re watching it together. You can use the Netflix Party extension on Google Chrome to allow all of you to enjoy the experience together.
  5. Read some new stuff. 
    Spending some alone time is a great opportunity to feed your mind. Pick up a new book or catch up on some reading. Either way, you’ll feel refreshed and inspired once you’re done.
  6. Move your body.
    Don’t just spend the holidays lying in bed watching TV or sitting in your favorite chair reading a book. Set aside time to exercise and work out to release some happy hormones to make you feel good.
  7. Work on a few DIY projects. 
    Release all that pent-up energy and creativity and work on a few DIY projects around the house. Whether you choose to build a piece of furniture from scratch or work on arts and crafts, it is a fun and productive way to pass the time.
  8. Put in some hours doing some garden work.
    Indoor plants have become all the rage over the past few years. If you’re not yet part of the bandwagon, now’s a great time to join. Whether you do outdoor garden work or take care of your indoor plants, the health benefits they bring are worth every penny and minute you spend on them.
  9. Watch videos and movies that make you laugh.
    A great way to forget about sadness is to watch movies or shows that not only make you feel good but also make you laugh really hard. Whether you watch the good old classics like Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges or you decide to watch clips on YouTube of America’s Funniest Videos or Family Feud, a good laugh can lift your spirit.
  10. Play dress-up, video yourself doing silly things, and upload them on the internet.
    Since you haven’t used much of your clothes the past few months, put them on, and fix yourself up. Take a video of you all dressed up with nowhere to go doing silly and fun things around the house then upload the video on social to share with your friends online.

There are a lot of other fun solo-ish activities that you can do in isolation. The important thing is you still keep yourself connected with people, albeit virtually. It will help keep you from feeling lonely and depressed. At this point, we’ll just have to make the best out of the situation. This too shall pass.

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