Things To Know About Fire Damage Cleanup

In a house or business plant, fire damage is an absolute nightmare. The damage done is exceptionally severe to deal with. After extinguishing the fire, you may feel that everyone and everything is safe now. But the real damage starts then. Though fire is extinguished, the damage is not over and present as soot and smoke. Therefore, fire damage cleanup is an essential process after extinguishing.

What Is Fire Damage Cleanup?

After extinguishing the fire, the damages to the house or building are identified. The damages created by smoke, soot are to be fixed by the fire damage cleanup process.

This process will remove standing water, debris, smoke particles, soot accumulation, resolve water damage, replace damaged parts, etc. The eradicating of smoke smell is another inclusion in the cleanup process, along with fixing the air quality.

Process Of Fire Damage Restoration

There are certain steps of the damage cleanup process. After extinguishing the fire, the steps should be followed to fix the damages caused by the fire. The steps for the cleanup process are described here.

1.    Examining The Damage

The entire damaged property should be inspected first. The professionals take every minute details of the damage. They inspect all the damages caused by fire, smoke, water, and soot. They check if there is any standing water or not by the extinguishing process.

2.    Object Cleaning And Removal

After inspection, the professionals will remove damaged objects such as appliances, furniture, and other belongings from the area. The objects will be removed after checking the damage level by the technicians. If any object is less damaged and can be repaired, that will be packed and sent for restoration.

3.    Property Stabilization

After a fire in a building, the condition of that building does not remain stable. The structural core and roof become damaged, which cannot take any other damages such as vandalism or weather. The professionals secure the building by trapping the roof and other board-up services. Thus, the structure is stabilized during the damage cleanup process.

4.    Fixing Water Damage

After stabilizing the building, the damage caused by water is fixed. The professionals remove standing water and resolve other water damages. They use drying and dehumidification equipment to dry the damaged area.

5.    Smoke And Soot Damage Cleanup

After fixing water damages, the professionals focus on the damages caused by smoke and soot. They use high-power and strong cleaning products to remove damages caused by corrosive products. They remove soot from the ceiling, floor, wall, and other parts of the building. After cleaning, they remove the smoke smell by using advanced technology equipment such as ozone generators and hydroxyl technology.

6.    Entire Cleaning And Disinfection

After restoring the damages caused by smoke, soot, and water, the technicians start the disinfection process. They disinfect the entire property and clean the objects covered in dust and debris.

7.    Final Cleanup

Now, the final restoration is necessary. This last phase includes the reconstruction of structural objects, painting, flooring, etc. At the end of the final restoration process, the house or business plant will be back to its original condition and ready to reuse.

Fire Damage Restoration Equipment

The professionals use special fire damage restoration equipment to fix the damage. The most commonly used types of equipment are –

  • Vacuums – For trapping soot particles on the surface.
  • Air Scrubber – For eliminating the smoke smell and cleaning the air.
  • Negative Air Fan – For removing contamination from the air.

How Long Does IT Take For Damage Restoration?

After extinguishing the fire, the damage restoration team makes sure to start their work as early as possible. They make a proper plan for the cleanup process. A professional team can fix the damages caused by a small fire within one or two days. But they take several months to fix extensive damages. The size of the fire decides the time needed for the damage restoration.

How Much Fire Damage Restoration Process Costs?

As fire causes damages at a severe level, it takes a huge amount to compensate. Restoration cost for any house can exceed $100,000.

Things To Remember Before Cleanup

Before starting the fire restoration process, everyone should follow the following things –

  • Don’t panic about restoration time.
  • Contact the insurance agent immediately.
  • Find a safe place to stay.
  • Be cautious about the real dangers of fire.


Fire damage is a sensitive issue, which should be handled sensibly. Necessary steps should be taken at the earliest for the restoration process. Though it takes time, the experts will ensure an appropriate cleanup process.

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