The Multi-Step Procedure on How to Play Block Games

Blocks games are among the most loved games in the world. You can play them whenever you are traveling, relaxing on a sofa, or around a campfire somewhere in the middle of nowhere. However, like most of the games online today, playing a block game might not be as easy as it sounds; you need a working plan on how to approach different levels, an adept understanding of instruction, and precise moves. In this article, we are going to give you a multi-step procedure on how to play block games, especially the Blokudoku. Here we go;

But, first, let us understand what Blokudoku is.

Blockudoku is a simple online downloadable game found in the Play Store. From its name, Blokudoku is a combination of Sudoku and block games to give users a fascinating gaming experience when playing it. To play the game, follow this easy to understand procedure;

  1. Drop the Blocks in the 9 by 9 Grid

This is the first step most players go through them before reading through the instructions. Here, players choose what to drop on the grid depending on the available blocks. So, technically, dropping the blocks in this game’s pillar. You fail to choose an appropriate shape; you will lose the game.

By picking blocks and successfully placing them on the grid, you will be increasing the

  1. Complete Lines and Square

When playing Blokudoku, one of the key things you should do is how to complete lines. Lines are completed when you use appropriate and fitting blocks. So when you insert one block, make sure it covers a large space without leaving rooms that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Once every line is completed, you earn points. Hence, appropriately using blocks will push to top levels with ease. Other than completing squares, using single blocks, you can use combos and streaks to remove more than one line.

In the event that you get a streak, you will receive more points compared to just destroying a single line. Thus, to move to higher levels much faster and easy, employ more streaks and combos.

  1. Get Points Per Cell, Line, and from Combos Streaks

After successfully dropping a block in the cell, you will receive a point. The points will increase if you complete a line or a square. And by repeating the process severally, you will bag more points, thus climbing the leaderboard.

If you don’t have any more space to fill in blocks, the game will end. So when playing, make sure your board is always clean and beat high scores.

Playing block games is very simple when you drop the blocks in the square, complete the line and gather points. On the other hand, losing is evident when you have filled all the spaces, and you don’t have room for more blocks. But, to get high scores, perfect your skills and set your eyes on higher levels using score multipliers such as combos and streaks.

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