How to Convert Your Regular Home into a Smart Home

Having a smart home has multiple advantages, technological and otherwise. The main things that attract homeowners towards it are its long-term cost-effectiveness, visual perks and general convenience. Having a home consisting mainly of smart devices can alter your life in a positive way, and make a lot of everyday tasks much easier for you to accomplish. It saves time, money and even provides benefits like added security to your home.

It’s quite common for a lot of new homes to have smart home features by default, but what if you want to convert your old home into a smart one? Fortunately, there are quite a few ways through which this can be accomplished. When trying to come up with ways to modify your existing home, the internet is a good source of inspiration, and TDS net can help you have the perfect connection for your needs.

Voice Assistants

A voice assistant can change a lot in your home. It allows you to command by simply speaking, which can assist you a lot during normal everyday tasks. You will have all the information you need without having to manually look it up, whether it be recipes, the weather, the temperature at any particular time on any day, and even random song lyrics that you want to recall. A voice assistant can further help you make phone calls or set alarms, which is something that you could potential forget to do during a busy day – all you really have to do is say it out loud, and the voice assistant will take care of things for you.


Lighting is one the most basic steps in smart home automation, and possibly even the most impactful one. Using lights, you can completely transform your home to look like an aesthetically pleasing, somewhat futuristic living space. There are endless ways to light your home using smart lights, and the best part is that they can be customized for whatever occasion or purpose you need them for.

Smart lights come in a wide range of different colors, designs, intensities and more – the best part is, all of these features can be found in just one light. You do not have to purchase different bulbs for different impacts, and everything can be easily controlled using an app in your smartphone no matter where you are. It’s cheaper in the long run, convenient and can completely change up the look of your home.

Smart Plugs

If you are low on budget and can’t really purchase smart appliances, but would still like to convert your existing devices into smart ones, smart plugs may be your best bet. These allow users to plug in regular appliances into a device that will allow for their monitoring through a smart phone app in the user’s phone. Smart plugs can also provide some level of protection to homeowners against power surges as well. This can be very convenient for bigger homes with a lot of appliances, but smart plugs only function if the appliances connected to them is switched on at all times. If this is not an issue for someone, then they should definitely be considered.

Security Cameras

For anyone whose main concern is home security, opting for cameras before anything else may be smart. Security cameras can be placed outside your home, in your garage and even inside the house to monitor all activity, again through an app in your phone. Most smart cameras will notify you when they detect suspicious activity in any of the rooms they’re in, so it’s a very effective way to significantly improve the security in your home. Some security cameras come with lights as a part of them, meaning they can provide even more security for certain parts of your home.


For anyone who is low on budget and needs a few changes around the house to cut down costs and improve their home life, it is not necessary to invest in a complete home makeover. A few tweaks here and there are more than enough to add just the right amount of comfort and convenience to your life, so if you have a home with outdated appliances and a lack of security, you might want to start converting to a smart home.

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