Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are generally prefabricated wooden boxes, mostly used for shipping materials and packaging products and are also sometimes reused. Cardboard as a material is quite strong, waterproof, durable and environmentally friendly. Specialists in manufacturing rarely use the word cardboard as it doesn’t necessarily denote a particular material but rather a generic term for any material that can be utilized to create the box. Cardboard boxes made of other materials such as metal are referred to as cardboard boxes. When talking about various sizes and depths of these boxes, they are categorized according to their sizes.

Cardboard is recognized as a specialized packaging material and is ideal for shipping containers. As stated earlier, this is because it is waterproof and extremely durable. Furthermore, they are fire retardant and do not give off toxic fumes during transportation. These boxes are also easy to maintain, inexpensive and highly functional. They are especially useful for those companies which ship bulk products and have to handle irregular shipping conditions.

Cardboard has a lot of advantages when compared to corrugated boxes but it is also known for having some disadvantages too. Cardboard Boxes are generally not suitable for use with the rough handling methods since they are not strong enough and do not have a rigid core. They also have a tendency to break easily particularly if something is stuck inside it. Cardboard Boxes do not offer any protection against extreme temperatures, extreme cold and extreme heat since they do not have a thick core and cannot withstand high pressure. On the other hand, corrugated boxes are made from different types of materials that are specifically manufactured to withstand these types of conditions and are especially suited for use with the rough handling methods.

Corrugated cardboard boxes also differ in terms of size. Smaller custom boxes are available in varying sizes. Larger ones are generally found in large box stores. The standard size of a box is six feet but there are boxes that can be custom sized according to a customer’s requirements.

Cardboard Boxes are mainly used for the packaging of perishable goods, fragile household products, toys, chemicals and aerosols, as well as medical supplies. The foam core of the corrugated box provides protection to the product from moisture, dust, dirt, sunlight and other airborne particles. This makes it ideal for the packaging of food products since it does not absorb liquids. Corrugated box manufacturers usually add a layer of plastic on top of the corrugated box to provide additional cushioning and safety to the product during transport. Most box stores also add a laminate or vinyl coating to the outside of the box to increase the lifespan of the box and to protect the colors of the product.

There are many types of corrugated cardboard boxes, which come in various shapes and sizes. They are widely used for various applications, ranging from home cleaning supplies to chemical manufacturing and medical packaging. Since these containers are inexpensive and easy to produce, they are widely used for mass quantities. Many leading cardboard box manufacturers source raw materials directly from farmers, so these boxes are environmentally friendly. These boxes make ideal packaging for household products such as detergents, soaps, shampoos, diapers, paints, cement, cleaners, pesticides and other cleaning supplies, and health and beauty items such as soaps, deodorant, shampoos, mouthwash, laundry detergent and conditioner.

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