Best Five Cigars Of 2021

Cigars are considered a symbol of status and fashion. Several brands manufacture the most exotic and exclusive cigars to cater to the demands of the selected groups of people. However, a handful of brands and manufacturers of cigars address the top-rich society of the people through personalized and customized cigars.

The most expensive and exclusively rolled out cigars like brick house corona larga and a few others are designed in a specific manner, aged for an extended period, embedded with exotic and unique flavors and scents, and then brought for sale to the pre-placed bookings. Even the market for such selective cigars is regional, and orders are placed and waiting are given to get the limited numbers, rich in quantities, and scarcely available cigars.

  1. Brick house corona larga:

It is specially rolled with hands manually stored for a year to age in Nicaragua, US-grown Connecticut, and Connecticut Broadleaf binder so they can blend into the most elegant and taste-rich cigars.

The cigar has a huge smoke volume and perfect burning structure. The cigars are embedded with spicy and cedar aromas in them, toasted with butter, delicate touch of pepper, and a sweetish texture.

  1. A.J. Fernandez Enclave Broadleaf Churchill

A.J. Fernandez Cigars manufactures one of the most refined and exotic stocks of cigars in 2021. The raw material and the ingredients of these cigars are farmed indigenously, produced in-house by A.J. Fernandez, and quality control standards are maintained in every cigar unit. Enclave Broadleaf was the first cigar rolled and blended with Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and was manually finished by A.J. Fernandez and his father, Ismael.

These cigars are rich in the essence of the earth; nuts and leather touch in them. Moreover, have a blend of sweet chocolate and licorice to give a holistic and fascinating aroma to the cigars.

  1. Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Soberano Maduro At

The Padrón company turned 30 years old in 1994 with a massive rise in demand. These cigars have the exotic and exclusive wrapping material extracted from Natural and Maduro Soberano. The taste and touch of Padrón cigars have inbuilt various herb types in them, including eucalyptus essence, a touch of tarragon, and pepper sprinkles collectively, giving a fine texture of sweetness along with a tender tone of bitterness mingled in the spirit of the cigars. Even the smoke released gives an aroma of roasted coffee and an accent of nuts.

  1. La Galera Habano Supremo

La Galera Habano Supremo manufactures a limited number of cigars designed and produced by Jochy Blanco. The edition is released each year in 333 square-shaped boxes with 50 cigars rolled and blended in irregular vitolas. The Collection of 50 cigars is distinguished between four different sizes based on the shape, ingredients, and aging durability.

The cigars have a fragrance of toasted cedar, nuts, and coffee essence. As the smoking proceeds, a touch of almond taste eludes along with a sweetness of dates, leather, pepper, and spices. La Galera Habano Supremo’s cigars fall in the category of one of the most complex and exclusive blends ever.

  1. Villiger La Vencedora Robusto

Villiger La Vencedora Robusto was known for its machine-made cigars and as a distribution chain of European cigars. Slowly and gradually, Villiger Cigars reinvented itself and established handmade cigar manufacturers amongst the North American handmade cigar industry.

The cigars of Villager are embedded with an earthy aroma, grounded with nuts and oak essence, and give flashes of taste of coffee and spices in between. Moreover, these rebounding cigars have the freshness and rejuvenation of pepper in them. As a result, the cigars smell and taste of cream-rich cedar and become harsher.


After many failures, waiting for years, and an in-depth search for qualities, the above shared five cigars have come as the best cigars. They are manufactured, designed, and produced through intense attention and exotically chosen ingredients and components along with a customized touch of the person involved—cigars like brick house corona larga and many more are tagged as the best.

These are exclusive ones based on the wisely chosen raw material (ingredients), duration to age the cigars to turn the taste creamy and fulfilling, and the usage of Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. So, flaunt the taste of fashion and luxury with the touch of selective cigars.

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