Tips for Buying a Good Slow Juicer

Including fruits and vegetables in the everyday diet is a necessity. Several people prefer drinking juice and smoothies because of their delicious taste and nutritional benefits. To prepare the juice, more and more people are utilizing slow juicers, because of their multiple benefits. While purchasing a slow juicer, one has to consider certain factors so that money is invested in the right model.

What is a slow juicer?

Also referred to as the cold press, or masticating juicer, it extracts juice from vegetables and fruits by crushing them and then pressing down on them. Slow juicers result in more delicious juice, full of nutrients, and the quantity is also more than extracting juice using a traditional juicer mixer and grinder.

Key types of slow juicers

When a person has the intention to buy a slow juicer, he/she must be aware of the two types of slow juicers. They are:

  1. Vertical slow juicer

The compact design makes vertical slow juicers the preferred choice among people. It is also the right choice for all kitchen sizes and shapes. The vertical slow juicer features a cap, that allows mixing juices inside the chamber. Another highlighting feature of the vertical juicer is that it is easy to clean and maintain.

  1. Horizontal slow juicer

When one considers drinking healthy and nutritious juice of green leafy vegetables, the horizontal slow juicers are perfect. The horizontal juicers include additional attachments so that mincing, grinding nuts, etc., is effortless.

The amount of juice generated

When buying a juicer, one important consideration is the amount of juice generated. Slow juicers have the benefit of yielding a lot of pulp and juice because of their operational mechanism. Furthermore, more juice and pup means it is tastier and more nutritious. This is why slow juicers have become the preferred device for juice lovers.

Motor power

Before investing money, one has to consider the kind of juice one wants to prepare and drink. If the intention is to prepare leafy vegetable juice, one has to invest in a slow juicer with powerful motor power. One has to consider a juicer of at least 400 watts of power to juice effectively. Furthermore, it is also important to consider the amount of juice one intakes a day. Based on the factor, the buyer has to make a final decision.

Convenient and easy to use

It is one of the important factors to look out for while buying a slow juicer. It is always recommended to buy a juicer that is easy to assemble, and disassemble, and cleaning should be hassle-free as well. One has to evaluate whether the juicer comes with a lot of components that require regular maintenance and cleaning. It is better to avoid such a juicer. Furthermore, the feeding tube needs to be checked as well as larger tubes are more beneficial for cutting fruits and vegetables and also preventing clogging of the feeding tube.


The above-mentioned are some of the factors that need to be considered while shopping for slow juicers. Choosing the right model helps to utilize optimally and also makes each penny spent worth it.

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